These species specific quizzes will help you bring some clarity to the question. Please choose the one best answer for how they are doing in this moment, today. This is not a black and white question because tomorrow maybe different. (Consider using an good day calendar) The score will be given right away with no annoying forms to fill out. However, if you want to make comments at the end you may.

How are they doing?


1. When I come home I find my kitty,
2. My cats appetite is
3. When my kitty is resting her breaths per minute is
4. My Kitty licks
5. My kitty jumps,
6. My Kitty likes to
7. When my kitty is walking across the room.
8. My kitty vomits.
9. When my kitty drinks
10. When I pet my kitty she
11. My kitty grooms
12. My kitty purrs.
13. My kitty had a seizure,


1. My dog has to take medications.
2. My Dog likes to
3. My dog can walk
4. My dog vomits,
5. My dogs hair
6. My dog drinks
7. When my dog goes to pee
8. When I come home my dog is
9. My dog comes to find me and is happy to see me.
10. My dog smells bad.
11. My dog had a seizure,
12. My Dog’s appetite.
13. My dog’s respiratory rate when he has been resting is

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