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Friends Remembered was established with the desire for pet parents/owners to have full confidence in the integrity of the cremation process. As a sole proprietor, Dr. Roach feels there is comfort in knowing that a trusted veterinarian is the only person respectfully and responsibly handling your pet.



This is the Friends Remembered family farm in north western Oklahoma where group cremation ashes are buried.

Friends Remembered Pet Cremation Services is owned and operated by Justin Roach, DVM. As a veterinarian, he recognized the important value of pets in our lives and the tremendous emotional hardship incurred when these loved ones pass.  

Friends Remembered offers pet owners many options for remembering and honoring their lost friends with a range of cremation services, urn selections, keepsakes, and post-cremation art/accessories. Immediate needs are accepted as well as cremation pre-planning.
Friends Remembered provides services to veterinary clinics in addition to individuals. If you are working with a veterinarian, you may request cremation servicing through Friends Remembered.
Losing a valued pet is often a difficult time and can present many questions. Dr. Roach is available and can help you navigate this process. Please do not hesitate to call.

This Life

Dr. Justin Roach lives in Piedmont, OK with his wife, Dr. Melissa, and their three children, Alex, Walker, and Benjamin.  They both attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University.  Before starting Friends Remembered, Justin worked for ten years in the State Veterinarians Office performing infectious disease control for the State of Oklahoma.  Melissa practices companion animal medicine in Yukon.  In addition to their three children, they live with a veritable zoo of animals at home: three dogs, two horses, two cats, a snake, a lizard, and many colorful koi.  They try to spend their free time together enjoying their children and the outdoors by RVing, biking, boating, fishing, and hiking as much as possible.

My Big Buddy.

Justin and Melissa’s favorite dog breed is the Irish Wolfhound, which is the world’s tallest breed of dog (Wraith is pictured Here with Justin).