No one really understands what my pet really means to me how will I be able to continue to live?

The pain that comes from losing a friend that you have bonded strongly with is real.  Being cut off from the love that you shared is excruciating. If you have never experienced this kind of pain it can not be described to you.  The breaking of these bonds are actually breaking is you.  You are you because they are part of you. Without them you can’t be you anymore.  The analogy that makes sense, is like trying to break 2 part epoxy after it has cured.  No one may completely understand the bond that you and your pet shared. However, there are many that understand the pain of broken bonds.  I continue to be amazed by the grace that I see extended in times of need.  Reach out your open hand.  Ask for help.  No one heals alone.  The same open hand can give and receive.  As you heal you may help someone else heal also. Here are some resources.