Do I need to call Friends Remembered to make arrangements for my pets cremation?

Dr. Roach Would love to talk to you about his quality services and beautiful memorial options.  However, if you know what options you would like in most cases Dr Reeves can take care of everything and only one invoice is needed.   There are two cases where you will need to contact Dr. Roach directly.  The first if is you have an idea for a custom memorial option.   Dr Roach has many custom options and local artisan made memorial items that are not listed in his booklet.   Call him and tell him what your ideas are.  Most times he can either help you find it or custom make it.   The second is if your pet weights over 110 lbs.   Paws at Peace operates a small hatchback and can not accommodate transport of very large pets.   Friends remembered, however operates a large truck.  When a pet over 110 lbs needs cremation service, an appointment with Friends Remembered needs to be scheduled for about one hour following your appointment with Paws at Peace.  Friends Remembered will invoice you for large pet funerary services.  Dr Roach’s phone number is 405-637-6556.