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Your love will never cease.  Trust Paws At Peace.

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You can put yourself in your friend’s shoes.  You may have even been here yourself.  Are you nervous?  Is this the last place you want to be?  The last thing you want to see?

"I really hope someday, I die in ICU"


Where do you feel safe?  Where do you feel happy?  Where are those people that love you?  When you are at home you can be comfy and relax.

“A good death is one that is free of unnecessary pain, suffering, and fear; it is peaceful; and it takes place in the presence of compassionate witnesses. It is, above all, a death that is allowed its full meaning.” ~Jessica Pierce

Quality of Life

Evaluation of your pet's quality of life is so hard when you are so close. We help your family clearly see your friends needs and help you plan for their best life.

Comforting Treatments

We will find the balance of medicines, therapies, and interventions to help your pet have the best chance for a good day.

Options Backed by Experience

Decades of guiding pet parents making difficult choices, and advanced CAETA training has helped prepare us for giving you the help you need.

Honoring the Bond

Not everyone understands how much our pets mean to us. Losing a pet IS losing family. It IS supposed to hurt. Asking for support IS ok.

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Paws at Peace
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Jay Cantrell
Jay Cantrell
20:48 04 Oct 21
Dr. Reeves, I will never be able to show just how appreciative I am of you and your service. King Fluff is definitely grateful as well. He is not hurting anymore. Now he just rests in the sunshine like he always enjoyed.You are a godsend with a... golden aura. This entire community will never be able to repay you for what you do. As awful as the situation. You made it a great experience? If that makes sense. Your calm, soft spoken, empathetic demeanor was very comforting. Having you genuinely laugh at the stories I was reminiscing on was also comforting. Even to the business aspect of it. You explain what is going to happen throughout the process. Making sure I understood and was comfortable moving forward. Professional is an understatement. Then you go the extra mile and gave me grief counseling. Let me reminisce for a couple more minutes, cry like a baby, and come to grips with reality.No one wants to die in ICU. The thought of going somewhere with your loved ones and leaving without them is disheartening. You fix that. Thank you again Dr. Reeves. Thank you so much!My grandparents and Boomer want to also thank you from the bottom of their more
Chad Bennett
Chad Bennett
16:18 21 Sep 21
There's not much to say if you are at the point in your pet's life where you're looking for end of life options; but I do want to convey how calm, professional, and caring Dr. Reeves was when I reached out to him about end of life options for my... feline companion of 11 years.Dr. Reeves talked me through the process and explained everything professionally in a way I could understand. Being able to contact through text was nice, since some people (like me) can get choked up while talking about these topics.Dr. Reeves was very responsive and did not make the process feel rushed, nor did we feel like this was "just another job". You can tell he is there for you and your pet and his focus is only on you and your pet.After this experience I am convinced there is no better way to say goodbye to a beloved family companion. The hardest part was making the choice, but Dr. Reeves made the actual process a very special moment that my wife and I will cherish more
Sara Akins
Sara Akins
13:28 08 Sep 21
Dr. Reeves made saying goodbye to our best friend as easy and peaceful as possible. My pup Phil had been diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months before he passed. When he was first diagnosed I reached out to Dr. Reeves and we kept in touch... throughout Phil's final months. When it was finally time to say goodbye Dr. Reeves was responsive and quick to schedule a time with us, he did not rush us, and was so more
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones
19:55 02 Sep 21
Dr Reeves was amazing and so caring and compassionate on one of the worst days of our lives. He came in a very timely manner which saved us from having to say goodbye at the vet hospital. We were able to bring our sick baby Chloe home to say... goodbye. He was perfect in every way. Patient with us, comforted us and our baby. Truly genuine while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. Though I hope I won’t need his services again for many years to come, we will call Dr Reeves.I am very sorry to you reading this and what that means. This was my third experience with at home euthanasia and Dr Reeves has been the best fit for us. Your family will be in the best of hands with Dr Reeves, I promise.The picture is of our little Chloe on the day we adopted her - Jan 4 2018read more
Amy Besherse
Amy Besherse
15:53 29 Jul 21
If you are looking at reviews for at-home euthanasia, my apologies that you are going thru this with your beloved pet. Having never charted this path before, I found Dr Reeves after some online searching. I was able to facilitate his visit over... text, which I liked because I was so emotional. His sympathy & kindness started with his immediate reply & availability to come to us the same day. I don't know how someone you've never met can come into your home during such an emotional time & immediately envelope you in a kind of care & peace that I had not felt up until his presence, during my 16+ y/o Polly's end of life. Up until he arrived, I was at a loss on how I was going to endure her departure, only being confident in my decision to let her pass at home peacefully. He spoke to her as if he had known her her whole life & in addition to comforting her, he comforted me, my husband, my adult daughter & my other dog. He let me know without saying it that this is what was best for her at this time. His gentle nature & ability to explain the process medically while maintaining a compassionate approach is something that cannot be taught; this is obviously his character & I am forever grateful for the path he chose to be of service to others. He was able to help us by taking Polly with him & delivering her to the crematorium, that is run by a veterinarian who is also just as kind & caring. Dr Reeves made sure we knew that he would be the only one handling Polly until he delivered her to Dr. Roach, the crematory vet, who also called & let me know that he would be the only one to handle Polly. They provided comfort where I didn't think it was possible. I hope I don't have to endure this part of pet ownership again any time soon but I won't hesitate to contact or recommend Dr Reeves should the need more
Aisha Martinez
Aisha Martinez
01:04 02 Jul 21
Dr. Reeves is amazing. We had to put down our family cat of 18 years. It’s something we have never had to do before with any other pet so we didn’t know what the process would be like. He told us the process prior to starting and has so thorough in... explaining what he was doing at each step once he started. He was so kind, patient, and empathetic. He offered prayer over her/us and allowed us to take all the time we needed in the grieving process. He never rushed any part of it and she was so calm throughout it all that it gave us a sense of peace. We are all so grateful to have had Dr. Reeves with us during such a hard more
Raechel Brown
Raechel Brown
13:25 29 Jun 21
Dr. Jeff guided us through one of the most difficult times our family has had recently. His compassionate and knowledgeable care was a gift as we said goodbye to our dog of 16 years. I feel so grateful that she was able to pass in the comfort of her... own home and bed surrounded by her family. Thank you so much for offering this more
Brooke Haden
Brooke Haden
15:34 19 Jun 21
Dr. Reeves did an incredible job making the experience as stress free as possible and he took care of transporting for cremation as well as communicating every step of the way. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make to let my boy go but it... was as peaceful as I could've hoped for. I'm grateful doing euthanizations at home is an option & I highly recommend Paws at Peace if you're needing to do the more
Barbara Lemmons
Barbara Lemmons
19:21 20 May 21
I highly recommend Dr. Reeves if you need to have your pet put down. He was very kind, empathetic and comforting during the passing of our sweet boy. This was very difficult for our family and he even checked on us afterward.
Jennifer McClintock
Jennifer McClintock
20:56 13 May 21
Saying goodbye to a beloved family member is never easy, and I have had to be there in the past when other animals I've loved have had to make the journey onward. But this was the first time I knew about euthanasia at home, and it was a beautiful... and refreshing change.Dr. Reeves is not only immensely kind and compassionate, but his calming spirit helped to soothe our own souls during our hour of need. We knew for several weeks that our girl was close to ready, and when she was, we were able to make a call to Dr. Reeves and set up a time to ease her suffering at home.Having him come to us spared the anxiety and nerves of having to go to a clinical setting where we'd say goodbye in a sterile room with a metal table and cold, tile floor. This way, we could say goodbye to our girl while she was nestled in her own warm bed, and with her pupper sister and kitty brothers nearby. There was no last brutal drive to the vets, no waiting anxiously until called back to a room; simply peace and love.All creatures deserve to leave this astral plane with the same peace and quiet compassion as Dr. Reeves affords. And when it's time to say goodbye to our other pets, I will do things the same way.My Sophie may be gone from this realm, but she is now stardust again, and was eased into her transition by Dr. Reeves and Dr. Justin Roach, who handled the cremation.That all pets should be so lucky as to have Dr. Reeves as their carrier on their last earthly more
Jennifer O'Hern
Jennifer O'Hern
20:28 12 May 21
Dr. Reeves is an amazing person. He is very caring and compassionate. He helped us during an incredibly difficult time with a heartbreaking but compassionate decision for my 14 y/o furbaby. He gifted us with the best possible scenario we could have... asked for... We didn't have the stress of taking our baby to a cold facility to be euthanized. Rather we were able to do it in the privacy of our own home, where my dog was surrounded by the rest of the family including his "pack" and lots of love. He took to Dr. Reeves immediately, laying down right next to him upon his arrival to our house. I cannot express in words what a gift it was to be able to go through this process in our own home. I highly recommend Dr. Reeves to anyone having to go through making this painful decision. It was worth every penny. I will never do this any other way going forward. Thank you Dr. Reeves, you are an angel!! 😇read more
Nancy Halliday
Nancy Halliday
22:16 02 May 21
Dr. Reeves was the veterinarian who did the first well-puppy check when our beloved MacGregor joined our family 14 years ago and took care of him on numerous occasions throughout his life. Dr. Reeves knew what a precious blessing Mac was to us. He... also helped us with end-of-life care over the past month. Dr. Reeves is an amazing vet and a kind, gentle soul. Having Mac euthanized in our home was what he deserved and Dr. Jeff did a fantastic job with us and Mac. Like some others have already indicated, Dr. Reeves is patient, compassionate, professional, and invested in the care of his patients and their parents. Mac's passing was peaceful and Dr. Reeves helped us throughout the entire process. Highly Recommended!read more
Cristina O'Connor
Cristina O'Connor
17:55 29 Mar 21
Dr. Reeves did a beautiful job helping our sweet girl pass. He came into our home and helped our dog who was struggling through the process of passing away. He adjusted the protocol to what he thought she would best tolerate and said very kind words... over her after the calm, peaceful process was completed. He thanked god for the joy she was able to bring us which was very comforting. Dr. Reeves is amazing and I will never go through this process in a different way. Doing it in our home was a great comfort because we didn't have to travel with our sick pet. Thank you for helping pet lovers through this difficult time in the way that you do. The price was also about $100 less than others we contacted and he was able to come out same day on the weekend to help us. Amazing service and helpful words of more
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You came into my life one day so playful, cute, and smart.

My dear and sweet companion I loved you from the start.

And though I knew the time would come when we would have to part.

Your love will never be forgotten.

You left paw prints on my heart.